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Tom and his team are exceptional! Tom called right away and sympathized with my situation, unlike other big law firms where you never get to speak to an attorney until you sign a contingency agreement. I felt safe and secure knowing someone who truly cares about me is going to represent me. Throughout the process, Tom and his team were always available to answer questions and concerns. I never felt like another number. These situations can be extremely stressful but I truly appreciate Tom and his team for taking that stress off my shoulders and allowing me to heal while they recovered my damages.

- Kirsten L.

Unfortunately, this is the second time that my family needed the services of the law team. And again, the level of service that I have received is beyond satisfactory. Aaron was completely transparent and forthcoming about my case. My son was injured in an accident. The amount of concern for my son was first and foremost more important above anything else. Aaron was in complete contact with me at all times keeping me updated on the progress of the case. The outcome was more than satisfactory. I would and have recommended Tom’s law team. You will not be disappointed. Once again thank you for taking care of my family and my case.

- Jeff P.

Thomas Schmitt came highly recommended to me when I needed representation for an automobile accident. I was immediately impressed with his integrity and knowledge of what I was experiencing and keeping me informed of what was happening and what to expect every step of the way. His professionalism and commitment to my case were second to none. I can assure anyone looking for a fair no-nonsense attorney for any personal injury, to look no further. Tom and the Florida Personal Injury Law team will be there in your time of need day or night even on weekends and holidays. I recommend them and I will not hesitate to use them again if needed.

- Rebecca B.

Was very pleased. And for all immigrants, this law office treats you with respect and dignity. It follows your case with a positive outcome and a bright result. They make you understand your case with different options to choose from. Thanks, Aaron.

- Adam C.

We had an outstanding experience. They were easy to talk to, listened, worked very hard on our case, and kept us posted. The outcome was outstanding, We definitely recommend them.

- Pardis W.

Attorney Tom Schmitt with Florida Personal Injury Law Team is a top-notch lawyer who fearlessly fought with the insurance companies to get me every penny of the insurance money available. When I hired Tom, I had never been injured in a car accident before and didn't know where to begin. Tom explained the entire process in detail and helped me navigate through the treatment process with ease. Because of Tom's knowledge and understanding, I received the medical treatment I needed to get better, and was fully compensated for my injuries. Tom is an extremely ethical, knowledgeable, compassionate lawyer who I would highly recommend to my friends, family, or anyone looking for a great lawyer.

- Aaron C.

Tom is the most amazing lawyer. He helped me on the right path from my injury. If I could give anyone out there some words of wisdom, I would definitely say contact Tom and his firm for any injury case. He as a whole is a wonderful person and I am thankful and grateful to still communicate with him to this day.

- Lorraine C.

I highly recommend Tom and his team. He recently successfully handled a relatively small case for me. I received the attention I think a much larger case would warrant. I was pleasantly surprised that Tom responded personally to most of my inquiries and spent a considerable amount of time with me preparing for settlement negotiations. I cannot thank him enough for the professional and compassionate way he handled my case from start to finish.

- David J.

The people at Florida Personal Injury Law are extremely the best, and they're always available when you call them. Not only that they help with the case, but they made me feel like a family as they often talk to me about what was going on and what I can do. If you are looking for a great attorney, you should call Florida Personal Injury Law Team, and they will go beyond themselves to bring you the best result.

- Franck I.

Florida Personal Injury Law has helped me immensely. Not only did we win, the outcome was actually double the anticipated amount. Mr. Thomas P. Schmitt, Esq. was especially kind and extremely knowledgeable. My case couldn't have been better handled. Thank you, once again!

- Rod F.

This was a great law firm, hassle-free, quick, courteous, and actually cared about me as a person.

- Cristina P.

I highly recommend Tom Schmitt involving personal injury. He is straightforward and gets the job done in a timely fashion; he is honorable in words and deeds.

- Roy V.

They got the job done. Trust the process, and let Tom work! Can’t forget about Nicole playing her position well! A final thanks is in order!

- Pharoh J.

This law firm was fantastic. Quick with their responses. Friendly and very helpful.

- Susan N.

Always responded to my calls, and any questions I had, they answered them. I was very pleased with their service.

- Yolanda T.

This case was handled with great communication in a timely manner and in an absolutely professional way. I really had a positive experience! Thank you.

- Mary G.

Tom Listens, and he cares!

- Josh B.

Great firm to work with. They kept me updated each step of the way AARON!! Great communication. I appreciate the time taken to make sure I received the best resolution. I would work with this firm in the future.

- Jay T.

Thomas P. Schmitt is the great attorney in town. I always feel positive & confident every time because I know that I’m in good hands! Highly recommended.

- VN Construction, LLC

Although over 1,000 miles apart, communications between myself in CT and Tom and Aaron in Florida were second to none. The expertise concerning my case and injuries assured me that I made the right decision going with their law office.

- Steve J.

Mr. Tom Schmitt is the best personal injury attorney you will find in the state of Florida. My husband and I called Florida Personal Injury after our accident, which was during a holiday (Christmas). And although it was late at night, Mr. Tom Schmitt answered our call, gave us advice, and guided us through the process. The next day for our first meeting, he explained everything to us in terms we could easily understand and was always very responsive when we had questions outside our meeting. Another thing I want to point out is that Mr. Aaron Chatenka, who was another attorney that was assigned to our case, was so pleasant, kind, and professional. He constantly contacted me to update me and whenever I had conversations with him was as if I was talking to my friend. Such an amazing human being he is and so respectful. All the team that worked on our case were extraordinary, especially Mr. Schmitt and attorney Aaron (I can’t emphasize this enough). Although Mr. Schmitt is the head of the firm, the way he is is that he gives a hundred percent of his attention to you. No matter how many times we asked the same question, the team would always respond with such a positive attitude. I know Tom and Aaron are always so busy with thousands of cases they have, but they always make sure they have 1 on 1 sessions with you so that you know what’s going on. They made sure that we won our case and that we got outstanding results with their top-notch level of expertise. Our settlement was beyond satisfactory and we are so happy Florida Personal Injury, Tom and Aaron, represented us.

- Shaida K.

This law firm was fantastic. Quick with their responses. Friendly and very helpful.

- Susan N.

Outstanding service & professionalism! The Florida Personal Law team helped me to recover from a serious accident from a head-on motor vehicle collision and ensured that I received a satisfactory settlement from the Insurance company. Megan, Tom, and Aaron treated me like family, were very responsive & attentive to my needs, were thorough & knowledgeable in getting me the best aid available, and exceeded my expectations in quickly resolving my case in a very satisfactory manner. I would likely recommend them to anyone who has suffered a personal injury.

- Andrew A.

When it comes to impressive settlement agreements, you can count on Attorney Thomas Schmitt of Goldstein, Schmitt & Wade. Thanks to his level of confidence, commitment and professionalism, Attorney Thomas Schmitt, of Goldstein, Schmitt & Wade secured a settlement for my personal injury case that far exceeded my expectations. He was calm, cool, and collected as he negotiated my settlement. Clearly, he had the opposing attorneys extremely uneasy with his outstanding presentation. His presence commanded the room and gave me a sense of confidence and well-being. I walked into the mediation process with serious doubts about my case. It had its fair share of weaknesses and issues. However, Tom is a no-nonsense type of guy, he simply got the job done, and he got it done right. I walked out of mediation that day in disbelief. Tom made it look too easy! Due to confidentiality clauses, I am not at liberty to divulge details of my case or my settlement, but it's safe to say there was cause for celebration that night. I highly recommend Thomas Schmitt for your personal injury case. He kept me in the loop from the time he took my case right up until the time he settled the case. Unlike so many attorneys, Tom actually returns calls and e-mails in a timely fashion every time, which gave me peace of mind throughout the entire process. As his client, I never once felt neglected by him. He's a wonderful guy and a great attorney. I would not hesitate to retain him in the future.

- David

Delivered more than promised, uncommon these days. Tom handled, arbitrated and litigated our family's wrongful death case for 3yrs and in the end we were nothing but impressed. I have no choice but to write a review that is nothing short of outstanding. Tom took on a major US corporation and in the end we were awarded more than we had asked for, unbelievable. We highly recommend Tom and thank him for his unparalleled work.

- Artie

Angels are out there, you just have to know where to find them! Tom Schmitt. I can't say enough wonderful things about Tom Schmitt. He is a lawyer who cares about the individual, and takes the time to answer your calls or emails when needed. In my particular case I had a lawyer in the beginning who was awful and treated me like dirt, he will remain nameless, and the firm he was with will also remain nameless. I was told by a friend of Tom Schmitt, personal injury lawyer. I immediately emailed Tom Schmitt and told him my situation asking him if he would represent me in my personal injury case. Within a matter of 24 hours, Tom Schmitt called me and said he would represent me, and that was 6 months ago. I'm happy to say I've received a settlement for my personal injury, plus Tom got me 6,000 dollars more than was originally asked for. I'm a senior citizen, I'm not rich, but I expect to be treated like any other person off the street. The compassion and kindness that was shown to me by Tom Schmitt and his paralegal, Nicole Lopez was outstanding. I've always believed that there are Angels out there somewhere, you just have to know where to find them. And I do have to say that Tom and Nicole are the Angels that I needed to help me win my settlement. Bravo Tom and Nicole! JR

- Janet

Review of attorney Thomas P Schmitt: Mr. Schmitt kept me informed during the entire process. I was quoted realistic amount probabilities that resulted in me receiving more money than I originally expected to net. Thomas P. Schmitt is an intelligent man who obviously knows his craft. Tom is trustworthy and respects the law. I would feel comfortable recommending Mr. Schmitt to anyone in need of legal assistance.

- Peter

Tom Makes it happen. Tom and his team were incredibly attentive, quick to answer any questions. They will navigate you through the legal process and facilitate recovery and compensation. I felt very secure with them and would certainly recommend hiring them.

- Phil

Positive results: Mr. Thomas Schmitt is an outstanding personal injury attorney. Very satisfied with the results of my case. Florida Personal Injury Law Team gets Justice for their client.

- Angela

I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. My needs were put first and I was treated with the utmost respect. My opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured. Mr. Schmitt went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I could not have asked for a better attorney! Thank you, Tom!

- Ruthann

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