What You Should Know About Dog Attacks in Florida

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People often refer to our canine companions as “Man’s best friend.” It is an unfortunate reality that dogs are not always so warm and friendly. In fact, they can be downright vicious. You can sue for a dog bite in Florida. As it turns out, in the Sunshine State, it does not matter whether or not the dog was known to be aggressive. The victim can sue for damages based on strict liability and violation of Florida statute because our state does not have a “one bite rule.” Nonetheless, to be successful, the victim usually must prove that he or she did not provoke the dog and was not trespassing at the time of the attack. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it helps strengthen your claim. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a dog attack, please read on, then contact an experienced Port St. Lucie dog bite lawyer to learn what you should know about dog attacks in the state of Florida.

What injuries might you sustain in Florida dog attacks?

The following are some of the most common injuries sustained in dog attacks:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Broken bones
  • Eye injuries
  • Scars
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Face injuries

Those injured in a dog attack should reach out to a St. Lucie County personal injury lawyer to discuss how they should proceed.

How can a St. Lucie County personal injury attorney help you?

Besides collecting, collating and presenting the evidence necessary to prove your case in court, a qualified legal representative will do everything in his or her power to have the negligent parties held accountable for their actions, keeping the matter out of court if at all possible. Your seasoned attorney will pursue the full range of damages, including:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages due to time out of work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages

By fighting for the complete array of damages, your attorney will work to get you the compensation you deserve as well as provide a deterrent to future negligence on the defendant’s part. So, please give us a call today.

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