What Are the Necessary Photos to Take After a Car Accident?

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If you were wrongfully injured in a car accident, you must pursue compensation by filing a personal injury claim. With your claim, you will be responsible for fulfilling the burden of proof to directly tie your damages to the negligence of another driver. A key component of proof is, nonetheless, photos taken at the scene of the accident. Continue reading to understand the most important photos to take after a car accident and how an experienced Port St. Lucie car accident lawyer of The Florida Personal Injury Law Team can be of any assistance necessary. 

What are the most important photos to take after a car accident?

It is most important that you take photos of each car that was involved in your accident. This is regardless of whether there are any visible damages, as the purpose is to identify the parties. Also, this is best done before moving the cars to the side of the road, if safe. That said, you should have clear images of the following:

  • All the cars’ license plate numbers.
  • All the cars’ makes, models, and colors.

Also important is to take photos of the scene itself. More specifically, you should take close0ups and distant shots of the following:

  • The site of the accident and its landscape.
  • Any indications of the direction the cars were moving.
  • Any indications of the speed of the cars when colliding. 
  • Any noticeable skid marks.
  • Any harsh weather conditions (i.e., snow or rain).
  • Any hazardous road conditions (i.e., potholes, construction, or black ice).
  • Any obstructions to a driver’s windshield (i.e., items hanging from the rearview mirror).
  • Any obstructions to traffic signs (i.e., trees or graffiti).
  • Any defects to traffic signals (i.e., faulty stoplights).

Last but not least, you must take photos of the physical injuries that you received from your accident before they heal. It is helpful to also document any medical devices that were prescribed to you, including the following:

  • An arm sling
  • A body cast.
  • A cervical collar.
  • A cane or crutches.
  • A wheelchair or walker. 

What else should I do if I am involved in a car accident?

Once your photos are taken care of, you should take the following steps immediately afterward:

  1. Call 911: a law enforcement officer will conduct a police report and call medical attention to the scene. 
  2. Exchange contact information: ask the other drivers for their name, phone number, driver’s license number, insurance company name, insurance company number, etc.
  3. Seek medical treatment: do so at the scene and schedule follow-up appointments at the hospital.
  4. Retain the services of a skilled Port St. Lucie auto accident lawyer: do so before Florida’s statute of limitations, which is usually four years from the date of your accident.

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