How important is it to wear a seatbelt?

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Oftentimes, when an individual is in a rush they neglect to wear their seatbelt and risk serious consequences. Wearing a seatbelt is an adequate safety precaution when operating or riding in a motor vehicle. Both drivers and passengers should buckle their seatbelts at all times. Drivers must ensure everyone in their car is wearing their seatbelts. When an individual improperly wears their seatbelt, they are putting themselves at great risk of catastrophic injuries. Unfortunately, car accidents can cause significant damage and negatively impact an individual’s life. To ensure an individual stays safe in the case of a collision, they should wear their seatbelt. In the unfortunate event that you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, contact a trusted Port St. Lucie Auto Accident Lawyer. Our firm is dedicated to helping our clients recover fair compensation for damages. 

Why is it important to wear a seatbelt?

There are several reasons why the use of a seatbelt is critical for keeping individuals who operate and ride in a motor vehicle safe. Firstly, when a collision occurs, a seatbelt can prevent an individual from being ejected from the vehicle. Wearing a seatbelt prevents ejection as it secures individuals in a safe position that protects their brain and spine. Typically, car accidents cause traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. However, wearing a seatbelt can effectively prevent these types of injuries from happening. Individuals need to wear a seatbelt. Additionally, individuals find seatbelts to be uncomfortable. This causes individuals to improperly wear their seatbelts. Improperly wearing a seatbelt can cause devastating consequences. To prevent injury, individuals should:

  • Individuals should secure their seatbelts across their pelvis and rib cage.
  • Individuals should place the seatbelt across their chests and away from their necks.
  • Individuals should make sure their seatbelt is clicked in properly, isn’t too loose, and isn’t tangled.
  • Individuals should refrain from putting their seatbelts behind their backs.
  • Individuals should refrain from putting their seatbelts under their arms.
  • They should ensure their seatbelt isn’t placed across their stomach. It should rest across their hips.

Are airbags a substitute for seatbelts?

Typically, individuals believe airbags are an adequate substitute for seatbelts as they operate the same way. However, they are mistaken. Although airbags are an effective safety defense to keep individuals involved in a car crash safe, they do not replace seatbelts. Airbags and seatbelts work together to ensure everyone’s safety. Seatbelts can effectively prevent ejection as well as protect them from the force of an airbag. The force of an airbag can have fatal consequences if an individual is not wearing their seatbelt. Individuals need to understand that airbags do not replace seatbelts. Wearing a seatbelt is extremely important to ensuring safety and minimizing damage.

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